Greg (jkaizer) wrote in digimon_japan,


Okay, I promise this is the last you'll see from me... for awhile. ^^

We have the RAW of episode 01 out for Savers... thanks to Aaru Bui~

In the future, I won't post RAWs. It just becomes too annoying to cross post over like, 10 places. :< When you want to find them weekly (most likely Sunday mornings) check places like With the Will or Net Ocean.

Both will have the raws posted like.. right when they're available.

I will post subs when they come out, and I notice them. Which will most likely be the WtW and WPP ones. Maybe SD if they catch my eye. :P

ANYWAYS, onto the file:
Digimon Savers Episode 01 (DivX511 TV-Raw) [95F59266].avi

The torrent can be found HERE! :D

And here goes my last cross post for the night... hopefully :D

Edit: And so Splash already posted. Grr. Anyways, there is some other info in here, so I'll leave it. ^^;;;;
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