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[Download] Raw episodes

01/27/2012: Since Megaupload has been taken down, the links here are all useless. I don't have the heart to reupload them to anywhere else, not just because I don't have the time but also because I no longer possess the files (it's what happens when you own the real DVDs). If someone is willing to make torrents or point me to new links, please do so!

Discussion in the digimon community got this going. This post will be providing RAW episodes of: Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon Tamers, Digimon Frontier, Digimon Savers, and the X-Evolution movie.

Episodes are thanks to MXR & Digimon Himitsu (Digimon Adventure, Adventure 02, Tamers, and Frontier), and Digital Soul-Raws (Digimon Savers). They are DVD Rips that can be played with the XviD codec. If problems occur, it is recommended that you download CCCP and use the Media Player Classic player. Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac, so I won't be very helpful if problems arise there. But please post a comment describing your problem for fellow Mac users to help solve.

RAW episodes mean = Original format. No subtitles. No dubbing.

Episodes are uploaded to:
#1.Megaupload. These links will last as long as people keep downloading. After 30 days of inactivity, the file will get deleted. Megaupload has a 500MB limit. Any file larger than 500MB can only be downloaded by a premium account. On the off-chance that your file is bigger than 500MB, you may use a free file splitter, such as HJSplit to split one file into smaller parts. (For Mac users, kindtears recommends MacHacha.) File splitter programs can also be used to join parts together again. HJSplit should not have any spyware/adware, and is small enough that it will not clutter your hard drive.
To download from Megaupload: Click the link, and enter the given three-letter code. You'll see a timer starting from 45 seconds ticking down. After those seconds are up, it'll say "Click here to download."
I can't download it!: If the page says "Download limit exceeded," this means that you've reached the limit of downloads you can get from megaupload for the day. Usually, if you wait for 6 or so hours, you'll be able to download again.
The file says it's temporarily unavailable: I'm sorry, but that's out of my hands. "Temporarily unavailable" is exactly what it means - temporarily unavailable. Try again later. If the link still doesn't work after you've waited a couple of more days, please comment below.

For those who are confused on how to use HJSplit, here is a user-friendly guide.

If anyone can help me upload any episode, you are golden. Yes please. Long-lasting links preferred. Just comment with the link when it's done and I'll edit this post. (^_^)

If you would like an episode re-upped, please comment in this post only -- don't make new posts, that'll get annoying fast.

SO to be blunt, spam this link! So Digimon can never die and reign supreme! Forever!
I can't really think of anything else to say at 6 in the morn (any ideas, mods? :D), so let's go!

Digimon Cross Wars... coming soon

Most importantly: Save this post to memories! (:D)

ETA: THANK YOU SO MUCH UPLOADERS YOU WOULD ROCK MY RAINBOW-COLORED STOCKINGS IF I HAD A PAIR. This could not have been done without you. ♥ I also just realized this is the community's 100th post, and am very tickled.

ETA Oct 2006: For those looking for subs, here's a list of subbers who are working on the series. Please don't nag them, but lend support.
Adventure subs (complete): ryuu_rogue / WPP
Adventure 02 subs: Official Toei subs
Tamers subs (in progress): The Wild Bunch
Frontier subs (complete): WPP
Savers subs (complete): (TV version) DATS / (DVD version) ryuu_rogue / Join digimon_savers for previous sub downloads by WtW.

ETA January 2007 - Upload links have been renewed thanks to very generous people! ♥ New circumstances also call for new information. A plea to this community to create some more organization (read as, I'm going crazy sorting through comments @_@;) : Please write something in the subject line of your comment. For example, if you have a request, please put "Request: xxx" ('xxx' will be whatever you're requesting). If you have uploaded something, please put "Upload: xxx" or some other indication.

Hopefully this will make things much easier for everyone around, myself included.

Thank you very much, and happy New Year to you all!

June 18, 2008 - This page went through construction, but since LJ tells me that this post is already too large, I've moved episodes over to new posts. The idea is that you click on whatever banner of whatever series you'd like to download, and go from there. :) All links should open up in a new window.
Please continue to write a subject line in your request/upload comments over at the new posts~ February 14, 2011 - Happy Valentine's Day! All links have been restored as of today. If you have questions, please comment in the related post rather than private messaging me - it'll get the attention of more people who may be able to help you faster.
If someone can make a torrent for Savers raws, that would really help me out too.
The Xros Wars raws page has been temporarily stopped, but luckily you're able to get them at another place, along with SD raws provided by Positron.
Thank you to those who reupload, and to everyone else who continues to keep Digimon raws alive!
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Digimon Adventure 02 Episode 20 Part 2 could you please reupload ?
Digimon Adventure 02 Episode 26 Part 2
The Link that was provided don`t work
Can someone archive all of Adventure's extras and upload to megaupload? :(
Hey there, just letting you know that when I tried downloading Zero-Two episode 20 part 2, it gave me these messages:

"This file has expired due to inactivity."


"This link will become active again when someone re-uploads the file."

So yeah, whenever this can get fixed, that'd rock. Thank you very much, both for reading/looking into this, and just for everything and being awesome in general. So yeah.

> Ry-Guy
... Oh, I see now that someone else already asked about this. My bad, I should've looked first.

> Ry-Guy The Retard
You don't have to reupload if uploader extend the expire date in megaupload.com

I have all Season 1,3,4,5 need any reupload?

Btw, I need to make sure all season 2 is reupload to I gonna download soon >_
do any of you have digimon english dub in good quality?
Could episode 20 (Part 2) of Adventure 02 be re-uploaded? Thanks. =)

Great job on uploading all these episodes BTW. Original version wins. ;)
Oops, didn't notice someone asked already... actually, at least 2 people. XD Oh well.
Only season I don't have is season 2 ...

Sorry I really can't help with that...
i've downloaded digimon tamers 1-10, but then i realized, it's RAW, not subbed.. >.<

can anyone sub it? english subtitle please.. i don't understand japanese..
or anyone has digimon tamers (eng sub)? can u give me the link please?

reply me at my email..


thx a lot.. keep up the good work 4 digimon.. thx!!
You don't read, do you. Everything you want to know is already in the post. I'm getting sick and tired of repeating myself.

Re: digimon tamers


11 years ago

Re: digimon tamers


11 years ago

hey i dont think episode 50 part 2 in Digimon 02 is working. either its the file itself or something is wrong with my codec thingy. oh by the way, that's the only episode that doesn't work on my codec. all the others i downloaded work. can anyone help me?
I'm reaching this ep right now can someone repuload it in entire ep or just that part 2 please >_> so now I have all eps I can help reupload as much as you want >_
^^ The 2nd half of ep 20 of 02 has expired. (I hope I requested this right) O_o;;


February 22 2008, 06:32:33 UTC 11 years ago

I see that a few people allready requested this but in Digimon 02, part 2 of episodes 20 and 26 dont work. Ive allready downloaded the rest but these are the ones that I think most of us need. Anyone please help reupload them!
i know this is annoying, but please update download links if you guys could...

p.s. if all it takes to keep the links working to just regularly download it, i'll keep the link fresh, by downloading it once per week... if that helps...
I appreciate all the work you guys are doing, but would it be possible for someone to re-upload the textless opening for Digimon Adventures 1. Sendspace is saying that the file has expired. thanks for your help in advance.
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