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More KouKou pics...

Updated my prompt table for fanart100. New pics are:

003: Ends; Rated PG-15 for mild twincest. As much as I love the hug, this is how I would've wanted the series to end. :p

028: Children; Rated G, just Kouji and Kouichi being cute as little kids. It's an AU pic, since they actually never meet in the series till they are 11.

And 042: Triangle; Rated G, it's just a Kouji pic with his bandanna. ...Which is shaped as a triangle. I was tempted to draw a Kouji/Takuya/Kouichi pic, but... The image of Kouji's bandanna just kept popping into my mind. It's such a silly interpretation of the prompt... xD

Anyway. Pics can be found here.

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