Lira (naifun) wrote in digimon_japan,


Stumbled upon this community after three years of drifting away from fandom-- and then this past spring break, nostalgia hit me like an eighteen-wheeler and I went on a very large 02/Tamers/some movies-watching spree. And squee'd off into a corner. And wrote very bad Ruki/Jenrya fic in this journal. And somewhat fell over in sadness because most of the fandom that I'd known had more-or-less dissipated.

(Still haven't seen Savers, not sure what to think of it yet.)

But er. That bit of random fangirly fluff aside, might I make a request?

If anyone has, or knows of places to find, karaoke tracks for anything seasons 1 through 3 I'd appreciate it. I'm afraid that a great deal of my music was lost in a transfer from computer to computer, and with my love for Digimon resurrected, well. It's a travesty.

Thank you muchly! ♥ :D Feel free to tell me if I'm being entirely too gleeful, and if I've broken any rules.

Er, and here's an icon I made using a base by twincast. I apologise for the overused concept, but I couldn't resist:

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