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Digimon Japan: For Fans of the Japanese Original

This group has been created for one main reason: to make a safe place for fans of the original Japanese version of Digimon.

Because most Digimon fans are of the dub variety, fans who prefer the original sometimes get ignored, or feel they can't say what they think about it, because they're outnumbered. In extreme situations they sometimes get put down for their preference, or called elitists.

If you fall into that category, join up! This is a safe, friendly environment, for people who are actually fans of the anime Digimon, and not the children's cartoon edited dub.

You DO NOT have to *hate* the dub to join. You simply have to prefer the original.

All series are welcome! Digimon Adventure, Digimon 02, Digimon Tamers, and Digimon Frontier. We may also discuss the original music, voice actors, radio dramas, games, and anything else that has anything to do with the original Digimon series'.


No character or coupling bashing. Yaoi, Yuri, and Hetero couplings are all safe here. Express your opinion politely. However, if you would like to bash Davis as OPPOSED to Daisuke, that is completely okay. Complaining about the dub version as opposed to the original is okay.

In the other direction, please keep it adult. Not "OTP!" squealing, as this offends people who don't believe in your pairing. If you want to discuss pairings with people who's opinions don't match yours, do it respectfully. Debates can be fun! If you want to discuss it with people who's opinions DO match yours, you might want to join a couple specific group.

No flaming, yelling, attacking, etc. Keep it nice.

No Japanese bashing. That means no saying the original sucks, or anything like that. Legitimate complaints are fine, but be polite.

Complaints about the dub are completely welcome here. That means you can scream in horror at the edits, the voices, and everything. However, please do not mention names or complain about other real people who do enjoy the dub.

Because this is a group about the original series' of Digimon, please do your best to use the Japanese terminology and names. If you don't KNOW them, feel free to ask! However, Daisuke is not Davis, and Digi Destined is incorrect and Chosen Children should be used in its place. We're not gonna crack down on you if you simply don't KNOW the correct names, just do your best.

If this offends you, please go to the general Digimon communities. We don't want to make anyone upset, that's why we've made our own area. If you don't agree with us, go elsewhere. If you agree with these things, or just want to learn a little more about the original, feel free to join up!

Content Posting Rules

When posting content to this community, ALWAYS put the content under a cut. This keeps people's friends pages from taking forever to load, it's just politer. Above the cut, please include this information so people know what they're about to look at.

Remember, all content must be related to the original Japanese version of Digimon. This basically means that you need to use the original Japanese terms, not the dub ones, and if your art or fic is based on events that are different in the dub than the original version, please base it on the original. It's okay if you're not sure about certain things, feel free to ask people for help on that!

Author (or artist): your name, or the name of the artist (if you're posting someone else's stuff, get permission first - if it's a Japanese artist or you don't KNOW the artist, be sure to say so)

Content: Is this yaoi? Yuri? What coupling is it? Is it happy? Is it depressing? Is it action, comedy, or romance? What series is it from? Just let us know what we're about to look at. ^_^

Safe for work or Not Safe for Work - MAKE SURE to include this... some of us look at LJ at work or school or even just when our parents are around, and we need to be warned if there's any adult content at ALL in this.

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